Basic Pet Dog Course

All the Basics


6 Week Course for all Dogs Over 20 Weeks Old

Basic pet dog training, with a maximum of six dogs on each course, covering



Wait & Stay

Leave it

Greeting Manners

& More


Venue: Shipton Community Centre, Near York.

New dates will be posted here when open again.


One to One Dog Training

Training at Your Home


90 Minutes Dedicated to You and Your Dog

Bespoke one to one training at your home or choice of location, at a time that suits you. You choose the subjects covered.

Popular one to one training topics:

Pulling on Lead

Come when Called

Excitable Behaviour

Attention & Focus 

& More


Venue: Your home or choice of location

No bookings being taken at present.

Dog Walking on a Sunny Day


Have a Question? Here’s an Answer


How many dogs will be in my class?

We guarantee very small class sizes to ensure lots of individual attention for you and your dog. The most dogs you'll ever find in our classes is six.

When can I stop rewarding my dog during training?

The short answer? Never. However, rewards don't always have to be food, they can be play, affection or whatever motivates your dog.

What training is best for me and my dog?

As all dogs and owner are different, we discuss your personal needs when you contact us, to assess the best and most suitable training option available.